Custom showers & backsplashes


Uplevel your home with a custom shower or backsplash

Kitchens and baths are important rooms. The kitchen’s often the center of family activity and the place where guests often congregate to visit with the cook. The bathroom is where we bookend our day, providing a stress-free retreat where we can get a few moments of solitude to relax and catch our breath.

Many say the bathroom sets the tone for the entire home and at Freedom Flooring our custom showers will impart an air of elegance and luxury. We’ll also show you how a backsplash can become the stunning focal point of your kitchen. Sometimes all it takes is a simple change of shower, backsplash, counter, or cabinet to give your home a much-needed boost.

A new shower adds an air of elegance and luxury to your home

A custom shower showcases your style and creates the desired atmosphere, whether it's a high-end spa look or a modern contemporary one. There’s no limitation. You choose the colors, shape, size, and textures. You decide whether the doors are glass, sliding or if the shower is to be European open or if there is to be niches and benches.

Coordinate it with cabinets/vanities and flooring and it becomes a focal point that sets the tone of the entire house. A bathroom remodel is also a terrific investment, because it adds value to your home. The custom shower can also be less expensive than fiberglass or acrylic, especially when you consider how long it will last.



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Stunning kitchen backsplashes

It wasn’t so long ago that the job of a backsplash was mainly to capture spills, grease, and make cleaning easier. They still do protect the walls, but now they are considered design tools that can extend from floor to ceiling or wrap around open storage shelves and counters. It adds a unique personal touch to the room’s design.

In the bathroom, a backsplash coordinates with the tub and shower surround to create a focal point. In kitchens, they highlight and accent, becoming an integral part of the home’s overall design, especially when there’s an open floor plan to make that room visible to everyone. In dining rooms, they provide color and texture, as well to protect the wall from chair marks. In living rooms, they can become accent walls or fireplace surrounds.

Are you considering a kitchen remodel or bath renovation in your home in New Holland, PA, West Chester, PA, Pottstown, PA, Reading, PA, Lancaster, PA, Harrisburg, PA, York, PA, or Lebanon, PA? If so, come to see our consultants at Freedom Flooring in New Holland, PA. We’ll explain what a custom shower or backsplash can do for your home and give you a free estimate.