What you need to consider when shopping for hardwood flooring

There’s more to deciding on wood floors than selecting species. There are many so many things for you to consider, from style and budget to thickness and special needs. Here is a guide to help you sort it all out. We want you to get the best hardwood flooring so don’t hesitate to call or visit us if you have questions or concerns.

What room will it be installed in?

Not every hardwood floor has the same level of hardness. Some species that are technically considered hardwood are more likes softwoods! Be sure to tell us if have extra durability needs so we can guide to some of the hardest ones.

Dark colors make a room look dark and small, while lighter ones visually enlarge the space and give it an airier feeling. Currently, wide planks are trending, they’re more traditional and, because of their size, you can see knots and other features more clearly. If your room is small, however, you may prefer a more narrow plank.

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Solid wood flooring vs engineered wood flooring

Solid wood is, as it sounds, one thickness throughout. This wood can be damaged by excess water, shrinks, or contracts with humidity levels and can only be installed in above-grade levels and not on concrete subfloors. Engineered wood flooring is constructed in such a way that makes it stable and better able to handle water.

It has a slab of authentic species on top, giving it all the undertones, knots, swirls, grains, and wormholes we’ve all come to expect from any wood floor. Underneath are at least three layers of authentic wood combined with a little resin, then positioned in a crosswise position to give stability. Like any wood, it can be sanded and adds value to your property. Unlike solid, engineered can be installed in the basement and on concrete subfloors.

The solid hardwood installation technique is tongue and groove with nailing, stapling, or gluing. Engineered offers the floating floor where the pieces click together to form a mat. The mat then hovers over existing subfloors with no nails or adhesives needed. It’s a great option for below-grade installations such as a basement.

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